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My Internet Doesn't Work

Solution Check for Network Connectivity:

Look for a link light on your Ethernet (network) card on the back of the computer. If there is no light, either the network interface is not configured correctly or Ethernet cable maybe bad.
Make sure ethernet cable is plugged in correct port on computer and on the network jack on the wall
Try a different Ethernet cable.

Verify Network Settings:

Windows XP

Right click the My Network Places icon on the desktop (or Network Connections in the Control Panel) and click on Properties.
Double click on Local Area Connection (LAN) and click on the Properties button.
In the “This connection uses the following items” list, do you see a check mark next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)?
If you do not, please contact us.
If you do, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/ IP). Set both the IP Address and DNS Server to obtain an address automatically. Click OK, and then Close.

Release/Renew your I.P. Address:

Windows XP

Go to the start menu and then to run and type "cmd" without the quotes.
Once you have a command prompt type "ipconfig /renew" without the quotes.
If a message saying "DHCP Server Unavaliable: Renewing Adapter" you could have some other problem, probably with your Ethernet card setup.
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